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When you place large deposits with Royal Business Bank, a CDARS, or an ICS Network member, we will split your deposit in increments below the standard FDIC insurance maximum ($250,000) and place them in demand deposit/money market/CD accounts at other ICS Network or CDARS Network banks. You only need to work with Royal Business Bank, and we can help you unlock full insurance protections for your deposit.
With CDARS, you work directly with us. You earn one rate, receive one statement and one year-end tax form.
With ICS, we will place your large deposit into demand deposit or money market accounts at other FDIC-insured member institutions. You will enjoy expanded insurance protection, greater peace of mind and still maintain flexible access to your funds.

¹CDARs early withdrawals before maturity are subject to penalty.
²There may be a limit for maximum deposit or combined deposit, please contact our branches for more inquires.