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Commercial & Industrial Loans

Partner with Us for all your Business Lending Needs

Our team of experienced lenders can help you find the best business loan programs to finance your business expansion. Our Business Relationship Managers will work with you to create borrowing solutions that meet your unique needs.

Royal Business Bank offers various type of Commercial and Industrial (C&I) loans to support your business.

  • Revolving Line of Credit

To provide a flexibility to borrow and meet your seasonal short-term working capital needs.  This credit facility will help finance your inventory purchase, accounts receivable, and daily operating expenses. This facility provides a money reservoir that you can draw on as needed.   Loan payment is as little as interest only.

  • Standby Letter of Credit

We can issue a standby letter of credit to assure payment between various parties, which can be used to support for commercial lease, construction contract, surety bond insurance, and supplier contract. 

  • Term Loan

To provide long-term working capital & investment business needs.  This term facility can be used to finance your capital expenditure, equipment & fixture purchase, and vehicle purchase. 

Our bankers are happy to assist you with all your Lending needs.
Please reach out for more information.